1st Solo Ride
i kicked off the summer screening tour with my first solo trainhopping journey. i had a perfect ride from mt. shasta, ca to portland, or after the annual dunsmuir hobo gathering. northbank fred provided tramp taxi service and put me on my own private boxcar. absolutely beautiful evening diminishing to dusk as the train traversed the high desert plains before reaching klamath falls, or. darkness descended just in time for me to slip in and out of KFalls undetected. slept soundly all nite and woke in the morning at a siding. started raining later in the morning and i was very thankful for my warm, dry boxcar. the passing scenery permeated by subdued watercolor hues. we slowed on the approach to brooklyn yard which i recognized by the golf course...i think a story in lee's most recent zine described being chased thru that golf course. still, I wasn't certain i was in portland. my train stopped for clearance into the yard and i headed for the nearest road. i ran into a postman and had the pleasure of asking him, "what town am i in?" love that. now i'm warm and dry and pampered at my friend railhed's home. i've got a couple of days to plaster the town with posters. i'm nervous and hoping for a good turnout on wednesday nite at the clinton street theater

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