just a quick note from st. louis. i had a blast in columbia, missouri screening the film at a place called ragtag cinemacafe. two really great guys - david and paul - run the screening series there. cafe in the front with great selection of beer on tap and a few eats and small theater in back with a collection of comfy, funky chairs. good crowd but i didn't stay to watch - drank beer and talked to david instead. later went to a cross-dressing party which was surprisingly fun then stayed up until 3am talking to paul. mildly hung over and lacking sleep on monday morning, i got a ride from a distant cousin to the rail yard in jefferson city, missouri...the state capitol. no trains running all day because of a derailment. hot and humid. nearly got busted by a cop on the prowl that nite...scared me silly to be honest. for a while i wondered what on earth i was doing out there by myself and i was ready to give up the entire tour. but eventually i made my way to the porch of a grainer on a siding in the yard. felt immediately secure and protected by the trains. strange that i feel that way but the trains do feel safe i guess partly because i feel invisible. drifted and dozed for a couple of hours until an eastbound finally pulled into the yard. caught out toward st. louis around 2am. beautiful nite. the missouri river my companion for the ride...silver and smooth. i was enjoying the cool breeze...relief from the steamy heat when i felt the first damp drizzle. drizzle turned downpour. i sat in a puddle of water, the rain gusting into me. but it was still warm so i wasn't as miserable as you might imagine...but not exactly having fun. arrived st. louis at dawn...still pouring. walked around, finally found downtown, and eventually some coffee. tomorrow i catch out toward minneapolis. and here's a funny thing that i recently discovered:


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