"George delivers a poetic portrait of the American landscape from the vantage point of a boxcar. It's a landscape of immense beauty both natural and man-made; an impressionistic blur of light, shadow, colors, and shapes and faces whizzing by."
- Jonathan Perry, The Boston Globe


"a lyrical meditation upon a vanishing American lifestyle, it's history, lore, and traditions and the attraction it continues to hold for young people today, especially those who have not found a niche in conventional society or are seeking an alternative to our increasingly numbing and monolithic consumer culture."
- James Verniere, The Boston Herald


"When George talks about trainhopping, she sounds like a seasoned veteran. It's hard to believe that before she made Catching Out, her debut documentary on the subject, she had only ever looked at freight trains with a passing interest."
- Peter Vesuwalla, Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg


"The movie follows Lee, an eco-activist and the publisher of a hobo zine; the thoughtful Jessica, who inherited a restless spirit from her intrepid earth mother; and Switch and Baby Girl, a sweet couple trying to transition to life off the tracks. George provides ample opportunity to understand why each of these people would want to drop out of mainstream society, and her portrayal, set to Pete Droge's memorable score, makes it easy to envy these free spirits."
- Caroline Palmer, City Pages: The News and Arts Weekly of the Twin Cities


"With a lovely eye and a sensibility that draws pertinent details from her subjects, Sarah George captures the life of the modern hobo, a new breed of train hoppers who are young, often environmentally concerned, articulate, and intentional rather than accidental dropouts from American society."
- The Austin Chronicle


"Both intimate and entertaining, Catching Out offers a unique glimpse into a seldom-talked-about-subculture.
- Willamette Week


"A fascinating documentary about a fascinating subject: modern-day tramps-very good."
- Bradley Steinbacher, The Stranger's SIFF Notes


"'Catching Out' rambles into unexpected places, some more interesting than others, but it stays on track long enough to take auds somewhere special."
- Ken Eisner, Variety


"...accompanied by an impressive original score by singer/songwriter Pete Droge, George's film soars with a dizzying visual beauty so eloquently realized that her film finally emerges almost like a transcendental experience; a completely absorbing meditation on the quest for true liberty."
- Palm Springs International Film Festival

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